Labor + a(r)t + orio:

Latinx Art as Research

For the Latinx artists highlighted in this Alianza UCMX-funded podcast series, art is a social laboratory that produces new knowledge, illuminating the present and envisioning better futures.

Amalia Mesa-Bains Pt.1 & 2

Laura E. Pérez, Jonn Segovia Menchaca

In this episode, artist Amalia Mesa-Bains sits down with Prof. Laura E. Pérez to discuss the remarkable retrospective of her work, now a traveling exhibition being showcased in museums nationwide. Mesa-Bains reflects on seeing her decades-spanning art collection together for the first time, offering insights into her unique perspective on art. She describes her work as an American art form deeply rooted in North and South American heritage. The conversation delves into themes of family, history, and spiritual practices, highlighting the feminist undertones of her work that have emerged over the years. The discussion explores the power of memory, land, and the resilience of women in art, revealing the profound impact of Mesa-Bains’ work on audiences within the Chicanx community and far beyond.