Dissertation Research Scholars

Juan Manuel Aldape Muñoz


Juan Manuel is a working-class, formerly-undocumented immigrant from Mexico. He is concerned about choreographic processes, contemporary dance, latinidad, undocumented bodies, and sweat citizenships. His project Choreotopias: Contemporary Dance and Disappeared Belongings in and out of Mexico engages translocation across linguistic, geographic, and aesthetic dimensions. It examines the role of contemporary dance theories and practices in the configuration and reconfiguration of national Mexican publics since the 1960s. This interdisciplinary, transnational project uses choreographic theories to consider feelings of serial colonialism, state violence, and belonging that impact Mexican choreographers and performance artists producing work in Mexico City and San Francisco. He is the co-director of the Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers, now in its fifth edition in San Francisco, California. He’s been a resident choreographer for arts venues such as the Alfredo Zalce Contemporary Art Museum (Morelia, MX), Zenon Dance Company (Minneapolis, US), STATION-Service for Contemporary Dance (Belgrade, Serbia), and Sugar Space Arts Center (Salt Lake, US). He holds a joint-MA in International Performance Research from the University of Warwick (UK) and the University of Arts in Belgrade (Serbia).