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The LRC is a faculty-led research hub at UC Berkeley that is home to cutting edge research about the diverse Latinx community of the US. We provide a community of respect and support to top tier faculty, graduate and undergraduate student researchers, and visiting scholars. We work to transform campus culture towards one that will be fluent in the intellectual diversity that the cultural diversity of communities of color, including the US Latinx, bring to the ongoing project of greater democracy. Latinxs are California’s largest and most rapidly growing minority population whose presence dates to the formation of the United States. We work to illuminate the foundational and ongoing contributions of Latinxs and to support equity, inclusion, and justice for the greater Latinx community through meaningful research.

In the Spotlight

Laura E. Pérez

Chair, Latinx Research Center

“Authors Meet Critics” discussion focused on Professor Laura Elisa Pérez’s book Eros Ideologies: Writings on Art, Spirituality, and the Decolonial:

In the Media

‘Black Lives Matter’ merece todo nuestro apoyo

by Cristina Mora

Latest Talk

Book Talk: A Kiss Across the Ocean

John Alba Cutler converses with Richard T. Rodriguez and about Dr. Rodriguez’s recent book “A Kiss Across the Ocean: Transatlantic Intimacies of British Post-Punk and U.S. Latinidad.” Published by Duke University Press, the book explores the relationship between British post-punk musicians and their Latinx audiences in the United States since the 1980s.

Latino Studies Stagnation

The National Disinvestment in Latino Studies and Scholarship. 1960-2020

Higher education, much like the U.S., is becoming increasingly Latino. With more Hispanic Serving institutions than ever before, and more Latinos in college, the future – by these measures – seems increasingly more just. Yet recent data collected by UC Berkeley professors G. Cristina Mora and Nicholas Vargas (incoming July 23) and UCB undergraduate Dominic Cedillo suggest that there is significantly more to be done to ensure Latino equity and thriving in higher education.

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Labor + a(r)t + orio: Sandy Rodriguez

Explore the captivating artistry of Sandy Rodriguez, a San Diego/Los Angeles-based artist, as she employs indigenous-inspired practices using precolonial materials like cochinilla and amate. Through her powerful narratives, Rodriguez addresses critical issues such as child separation and violence against Indigenous communities, inviting viewers to engage in important dialogues often overlooked in traditional museum spaces.

Labor + a(r)t + orio: Carolina Caycedo

This interview with Carolina Caycedo, visual artist based in Los Angeles, California. In this episode Carolina discusses the importances of environmental art-making in community building, connection, pluriversality, and sentipensar in art production.


Episode 1: What’s in a Name?

This series is about the term Latinx and Latinx identity. Our premise builds on Alán Pelaez Lopez’s notion of Latinx as “the visible wound that the ‘X’ forces the Latin American diaspora to confront.” In an effort to heal, this series looks at the wounds of Latinx communities — how we’ve been wounded and how in turn we wound each other. We place urgency on exposing our wounds because, in order to treat an injury, we must see it. Expose it. Examine it. Find its origins and roots.

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The Ten Year Unfolding of an Arts Allegory Movement Against Book Bans

Book Talk: A Kiss Across the Ocean