LRC Research Initiatives

Latinxs and the Environment Initiative

The Latinxs and the Environment Initiative (LEI) seeks to establish a comprehensive program designed to generate knowledge and encourage increased study and research on Latinxs and the environment—both in the U.S. and abroad with the coordinated participation of policy makers, community based organizations (CBOs) and the academic community. LEI intends to create a space where Latinx students are provided with the guidance and resources in order to demystify research, graduate school and other higher education programs that are not as accessible for first-generation students. LEI is lead by Lupe Gallegos Diaz and Dr. Federico Castillo.

Decolonial Knowledges & the Pluriversal University

Decolonial Knowledges & the Pluriversal University is an interdisciplinary research initiative dedicated to engaging the “pluriversal” philosophies of different communities within the U.S. and throughout the globe. Research at the DKPU works to illuminate cultural and intellectual diversity and the importance of building communities based on knowledge of difference, respectful relationships, and coalition. DKPU is directed by Dr. Patricia Baquedano-López and Dr. Laura E. Pérez. 


The Democracy + Media Lab

The Democracy + Media Lab is a multidisciplinary faculty initiative at the Latinx Research Center (formerly the Center for Latino Policy Research) of the University of California, Berkeley. As a “lab,” our work as scholars and community partners focuses on the conditions and practices of democracy from the perspective of Latinx communities in the United States and the American hemisphere. DM is ran by Dr. Angela Marino and Prof. Ray Telles.


Center for the Critical Study of the Health of Latinx Communities

Center for the Critical Study of the Health of Latinx Communities is a research initiative led by Professor Charles Briggs and Dr. Clara Mantini-Briggs, M.D. The CCSHLC initiative is dedicated to researching the health of UC Berkeley Latinx students, families, and their communities.

Latinos in Public Policy Initiative

Working with UC Berkeley scholars, students, and staff, the Latino Social Science Pipeline Initiative contributes to training and developing the next generation of social scientists, data analysts, policymakers, and public intellectuals focused on Latino communities. In addition, it uses academic research to shed light on U.S. and transnational Latino communities in efforts to improve socioeconomic conditions and advance racial justice. The Initiative is spearheaded by professors Cristina Mora, Michael Rodríguez-Muñiz, and Nicholas Vargas.