Labor + a(r)t + orio:

Latinx Art as Research

For the Latinx artists highlighted in this Alianza UCMX-funded podcast series, art is a social laboratory that produces new knowledge, illuminating the present and envisioning better futures.

Latest Episodes

Amalia Mesa-Bains

Laura E. Pérez, Jonn Segovia Menchaca

In this episode, artist Amalia Mesa-Bains sits down with Prof. Laura E. Pérez to discuss the remarkable retrospective of her work, now a traveling exhibition being showcased in museums nationwide. Mesa-Bains reflects on seeing her decades-spanning art collection together for the first time, offering insights into her unique perspective on art. The conversation delves into themes of family, history, and spiritual practices, highlighting the feminist undertones of her work that have emerged over the years. 

Sandra de la Loza

Claire Judson, Laura E. Pérez

Sandra de la Loza is a LA-based transdisciplinary artist, activist, and community organizer. In this episode, she discusses her work over the last two decades, which explores gentrificaiton, displacement, and memory through the Los Angeles urban landscape. A UC Berkeley alum, her career comes full-circle as she returns to Berkeley 30 years later through the installation “Unsettling the Unsettled: Art and Histories of Incarceration” at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive in Fall 2022.

Sandy Rodriguez

Laura E. Pérez

Explore the captivating artistry of Sandy Rodriguez, a San Diego/Los Angeles-based artist, as she employs indigenous-inspired practices using precolonial materials like cochinilla and amate. Through her powerful narratives, Rodriguez addresses critical issues such as child separation and violence against Indigenous communities, inviting viewers to engage in important dialogues often overlooked in traditional museum spaces.

Carolina Caycedo

Laura E. Pérez, Daniel Marquez, Diana Hernandez, & Paulo Orosco

Interview with Carolina Caycedo, visual artist based in Los Angeles, California. In this episode Carolina discusses the importances of environmental art-making in community building, connection, pluriversality, and sentipensar in art production.

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