The Latinx Research Center is a faculty-led research center offering research-centered support and collaboration to all campus researchers and is committed to building bridges and partnerships with other local research centers. In its past life as the Center for Latino Policy Research, the CLPR produced social sciences-centered research, conferences, symposia, and white papers, on Latinx and education, the environment, Indigenous communities, migration, and technology. Today, the new LRC seeks to expand its research foci and utility across campus, the Bay Area, the state, the nation, and the globe, by actively promoting interdisciplinary knowledge across the various fields of the humanities, social sciences, science, and technology. The “x” in our name marks the non-binary of sexual and gender diversity and development, as well as the unknown which is yet to be mapped about the understudied and rapidly growing and transforming Latinx transnational communities.

Shorb House

2547 Channing Way

Berkeley, CA 94709