LRC Team & House Residents

George Allen, PhD

George Allen, PhD

Administrative Assistant

George Allen holds a PhD in Spanish from UC Irvine. George writes about film, media, and literary arts which disrupt perception and patterns of visualization as they relate to material histories of colonialism, modernity, and globalization in Latin America. His dissertation research studied the role of media ecologies and visual culture in securing the post-dictatorships in Chile and Argentina. Presently, he is preoccupied with a transnational study of comparative aesthetics and derivatives, which highlights how risk is created and distributed in Latin American societies. As Administrative Assistant, George will support the Chair in managing the day-to-day activities of the Latinx Research Center as well as securing grants and funding for future programs. He looks forward to learning and collaborating with students, staff, and faculty to generate resources and infrastructure that will support and promote Latinx research. 


Frida Pavlova Torres

Frida Pavlova Torres

Digital Communications Specialist

Frida Pavlova Torres is a UC Berkeley Alumna with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Latinx Studies. Her academic research varied from topics on Pop Culture, media’s effect on sexual education, and the policing of Latinx Women’s bodies. As an undergraduate, she worked closely with the Latinx Research Center as a web designer and an editor of Revista N’oj, where she curated her issue on the Prison Industrial Complex. Frida has served as a marketing assistant for Aunt Lute Books, a non-profit book publisher, and web designer for other artists, including Consuelo Jimenez Underwood and author María Mínguez-Arias.





Abraham Ramirez, PhD

Abraham Ramirez, PhD

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Abraham Ramirez holds a Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies with an emphasis in Critical Theory from the University of California, Berkeley. Abraham is a decolonial philosopher specializing in social and political philosophy, race and ethnicity, epistemology, phenomenology, and ethics. His dissertation explores the philosophy of race through the early work of W.E.B Du Bois.










Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program

The LRC works with Work-Study Interns and Undergraduate Research Apprentices in various capacities. WS interns and URA’s have assisted with research for and the production of art exhibitions, podcasts, documentary filming of lectures and exhibitions, website redesign and maintenance, writing and editing of our multimedia publications, and learned to organize and co-host various kinds of programs. They are part of all our new research initiatives. While it is our goal to provide experience, opportunities, and other forms of support to our undergraduate student team, our students are a cherished and invaluable part of the Latinx Research Center.

The Latinx Research Center houses allied organizations and offers shared office and meeting space to the following organizations:

Alianza Latinx Staff Association

Latinx Faculty Association


The Chicana/o Studies Program