Abraham Ramirez

Abraham Ramirez

Revista N'oj and Podcast Editor


Abraham Ramirez is a PhD. Candidate in the Department of Ethnic Studies and the Program in Critical Theory. Abraham is interested in questions regarding migration, social movements, phenomenology, epistemology, and in general, the philosophy of race. His dissertation research examines the work of W.E.B Du Bois, Frantz Fanon and bell hooks. His current and future research include a comparative analysis of immigrant-rights activism in the United States and Spain and a study of the political project of ethnic studies since the 1960s. Abraham is a Chancellor’s Public Fellow with the American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) and former graduate research fellow at the Center for Latino Policy Research (CLPR).


Lissett Bastidas

Lissett Bastidas

Ph.D. student, UC Berkeley Department of History

I am a Peruvian-American scholar of Native American history and Indigeneity in the Americas. I earned my B.A. from UCLA with a double major in International Development Studies and Middle Eastern & North African Studies. My foci there were comparative colonialism, political violence, and critical studies of underdevelopment in Latin America and the Middle East. Informed by this work, I pursued and earned my M.A. in Folklore at the UC Berkeley Department of Anthropology. My M.A. research focused on the problematic relationship of the concept of folklore with Indigenous communities and the political contexts where it historically arose in the U.S. and Latin America. Some influential thinkers in my intellectual trajectory have been Frantz Fanon, Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Audra Simpson, and Reinhart Koselleck. At the Latinx Research Center, I am a member of the Decolonial Knowledges & Pluri-university research team. 





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