LRC Research Initiatives:


Interdisciplinary research clusters of faculty, graduate,

and undergraduate research scholars

The LRC’s new research initiatives are funded by a two-year (2019-20; 2020-21) grant awarded by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, to seed new projects advancing the Chancellor’s Signature Initiatives, particularly in terms of our focus on greater democratization, the pluralization of knowledges derived from the different cultural traditions of people of color, and our commitment to a deeper understanding of how to “light the way to the future.”



Decolonial Knowledges &

the Pluriversal


Launched summer of 2020, the research team meets monthly for collective readings advancing a book anthology project, and share their conversations in public LRC forums with international interdisciplinary scholars who are also working to advance our thinking about decoloniality and pluriversality. The team consists of professors Laura E. Pérez, Patricia Baquedano-López, María Cecilia Titizano, postdoctoral research scholar Abraham Ramirez, and doctoral students Luiza Bastos Lages and Lissett Bastidas.  Our interdisciplinary group brings together scholars specializing in US Chicanx, Latinx, and woman of color feminist and queer thought and visual and performance arts; pedagogies of teaching among Bay Area Maya families; Americas feminist Indigenous theologies; People of Color philosophy and critical thought; history, and poltical economy.  For further information, please contact





Democracy and Media 



Encompassing several projects, led each by Professors Angela Marino (TDPS) and professor and documentary filmmaker Ray Telles (Chicana/o Studies Program and Ethnic Studies), further information is available at the DM website:  





The Center for the Critical Study of the Health of Latinx Communities (CCSLC)

Led by Professor Charles Briggs and Dr. Clara Mantini-Briggs, M.D., The Center for the Critical Study of the Health of Latinx Communities (CCSLC), under the auspices of UC Berkeley’s Latinx Research Center, is a project that documents the rich history of contributions by Latinx-based social movements to justice in health. For any further information, please contact or